Membership and Protocol

-        The Board shall consist of at least five members; at least four of them will be from the United Arab Emirates.

-        Membership in the Board shall be for a renewable term of two years. The starting and termination dates of membership shall be specified by a decision taken by the Board.

The Board shall include the following: -

  • President of the Board
  • Chancellor of the University (non-voting member)  
  • UAE public figures
  • Distinguished scholars

-       The Board shall hold at least two regular meetings per year or upon a request by the President. It shall determine the time, date, and location for each meeting and notify its members in writing at least thirty days ahead of the meeting.

-       Extraordinary meetings may be held upon the request of the Chancellor or a written request by at least three members of the Board. In this case the members of the Board shall be notified at least two weeks ahead of the meeting.

-       The Board meetings shall be considered legal if an absolute majority of its members are in attendance and, except in cases requiring a specific quorum, its decisions shall be adopted by an absolute majority of those present. When there is a tie, the side on which the President has voted shall carry the motion. Responsibilities

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