Grading System

UoJ has adopted a grading system and policies for all academic units. The faculty member is responsible for whatever grade symbol (A, B+, B, C+, C, D+, D, F, or PP) is to be assigned. Special symbols (W, WU, WA, I and CC) are indications of registration or grade status and are not assigned by the faculty. Pass/Fail designations are not assigned by the faculty but are automatically converted by the grade application system, as explained under Pass/Fail Procedure.

Grade Percentage Grade Points Meaning of Grade
A 90-100 4.0 Distinction
B+ 85-89 3.5 Excellent
B 80-84 3.0 Very Good
C+ 75-79 2.5 Good
C 70-74 2.0 Satisfactory
D+ 65-69 1.5 Pass +
D 60-64 1.0 Pass
F Less than 60 0.0 Fail
I   0.0 Assigned for incomplete course
P   0.0 Assigned for successful thesis
PP   0.0 Permitted to Proceed
T   0.0 Transferred course
W   0.0 Withdrawal from course
WU   0.0 Withdrawal from UoJ
WA   0.0 Withdrawal from course by exceeding the absence limits
CC   0.0 Continuing course notation

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